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My clients range from small businesses and independent artists to Fortune 500 companies. I help those who are at the pinnacle of their field stand out, and others to reach that pinnacle. From modern, responsive website design to pristine audio production for highly successful TV & radio ad campaigns, I take pride in doing outstanding work for outstanding people and companies.


  • Client Testimonials - Ryan Kravik - Executive Recruiter - Thorn Network, Inc.

    Thanks to Brian Burns for all of the work he did on this website. I highly recommend Brian for all of your website development needs, as he makes a great product and will work diligently for you and your team.

    Ryan Kravik Executive Recruiter - Thorn Network, Inc.
  • Client Testimonials - Joe Montalbano - Managing Partner - Montalbano Lumber

    Working with Brian Burns has been a pleasure. From our initial phone conversation to the creation of our new website, Brian's work has exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Lost Highway Media!

    Joe Montalbano Managing Partner - Montalbano Lumber
  • Client Testimonials - Michael Hurshman - ArtBeat Gallery

    I couldn't be more pleased with Brian's product - visually appealing while exceptionally functional and easy to navigate. I've gotten nothing but rave reviews on the site. I set high standards, and Brian's customer service is phenomenal.

    Michael Hurshman ArtBeat Gallery
  • Press Quotes - Recording Magazine

    Mastering is the essential last step in the recording process, and Brian's work exemplifies the art of fine-tuning a recording to its fullest potential.

    Recording Magazine
  • Client Testimonials

    I've been known to equate those who are the best and most dedicated in their field to racehorses. In that respect, I can tell you from experience that Brian Burns is nothing short of a thoroughbred.

    Ross Rogers Systems Development & Consulting
  • Client Testimonials - Katy Dellis - Vice President Business Development - Luxor Staffing

    We could not be more pleased with our website and the maintenance Brian does on a monthly basis. We received high ROI and are still seeing massive increase in traffic on our site.

    Katy Dellis VP Business Dev. - Luxor Staffing
  • Press Quotes - Outlaw Magazine

    Every note precisely in place, while realizing its role as a conveyor for the soul of the music - a master’s touch, that’s what Brian has built a reputation for.

    Outlaw Magazine
  • Client Testimonials - Tom Russell - Amaerican Singer/Songwriter/Artist

    Brian designed our art website and it's been a major step up for us. He also maintains it very efficiently. I've worked with a lot of web designers but Brian is by far the best - top of the line - recommended.

    Tom Russell American Singer/Songwriter/Artist
  • Press Quotes - Dallas Morning News

    In addition to his songwriting skills, Brian's production is clean and powerful, lending extremely well to the stylistic diversity to be heard in his work.

    The Dallas Morning News
  • Client Testimonials - Randy Ray - Reflective Dynamics

    Not only does Brian design some of the most beautiful, responsive websites; he also listens and gets in touch with his clients' needs. I don't know anyone in web or graphic design who offers a better service at a better price.

    Randy Ray Reflective Dynamics
  • Press Quotes - Texas Monthly Magazine

    Brian has the unique ability to capture the spirit of Texas, not only in his own songs, but in the musicianship, production, and mastering prowess he brings to others' works.

    Texas Monthly Magazine
  • Client Testimonials - Kay Anderson - Duryea Moving & Storage

    We felt very comfortable with Brian from the beginning. He is thorough and he followed through with his timeline. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for quality, professional work.

    Kay Anderson Duryea Moving & Storage
  • Press Quotes - The Washington Post

    Burns' instrumentation is organic, deft, and tasteful, and his production is sterling, with each note crisp and clear.

    The Washington Post
  • Client Testimonials - Mike Brown - Chief of Police - Euless, TX

    Brian is awesome to work with and his attention to detail is amazing. I was kept informed each step of the way, and he delivered a truly amazing product, on time, on budget - above and beyond.

    Mike Brown Chief of Police - Euless, TX
  • Press Quotes - No Depression Magazine

    A true studio craftsman, Burns makes sure every note is in the right place, and the results are highly polished, intensely personal, and easily accessible.

    No Depression Magazine

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