Dynamic & Data-Driven

A dynamic website is one that contains pages that can be built on the fly, or put together when the user visits, thanks to technologies like PHP and Javascript. Similarly, dynamic content can be personalized to an individual site visitor based on his or her relevant historical information and engagement with a website or application. Not only is this a sound user experience technique, it is also a viable method for marketers and salespeople to target leads while increasing exposure and revenue.

Whether your website requires a simple event calendar or a full-featured e-commerce storefront (or anything in between), I use client-side and server-side scripting to provide solutions that are customized and scalable—I can plug your website into your data.

MySQL is the world's most popular Open Source relational database management system, and I develop for the Web using the LAMP stack (LAMP is an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). For those not technically inclined, LAMP is simply a very fast and robust web development platform. It is used in many high-profile, large-scale websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube—yet it is cost-effective for any business to implement.

Dynamic sites often serve up rich content such as streaming audio and/or video, and that can have negative impact on a site's speed and stability. One major challenge is optimizing rich content for loading speed and consistent performance. I make a habit of visiting new websites on a daily basis, and there's nothing more frustrating than to wait for a slow-loading page or to watch a site crash as it struggles to serve up its content, especially if it "breaks" the visitor's browser in the process—that's a sure way to lose a potential customer.

Loading speed goes hand-in-hand with testing and quality control, and those are crucial areas of expertise to look for when choosing a web developer. I have enjoyed 35 years of delivering reliable software solutions to clients across a broad spectrum of vertical markets.

I develop both small and large-scale dynamic websites for...

  • E-commerce
  • Service businesses
  • Education/schools
  • Music/arts
  • Blogging/journals
  • Portfolios
  • Public & private forums
  • Catalogs
  • Medical
  • Scheduling
  • Legal & Law Enforcement
  • Photography
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing

I have built and administered sites for major corporations such as Terumo Medical, Shell Oil, and BMW, as well as for small businesses, art galleries, and music artists. Most websites today incorporate at least some dynamic elements to keep visitors coming back, and I can facilitate that by providing you with the tools you need for easy and effective content management. I am always ready for new opportunities to create and innovate, and I welcome the opportunity to help lift your brand... out of the white noise and into the vista.

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